(Before you go through the whole blog, kindly start with this powerful mantra, where lies the truth of Kashi or the truth of Varanasi)

ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम् |
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्मृत्योर्मुक्षीय माऽमृतात् ||

Aum Tryambakam yajaamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam |
Urvaarukamiva bandhanaan-mrityormuksheeya maamritaat ||

The Meaning of the Mantra

We worship the three-eyed One, who is fragrant and who nourishes all.
Like the fruit falls off from the bondage of the stem, may we be liberated from death, from mortality.

Kashi – the abode of Shiva, the ultimate salvation of human.

Kashi – the holiest of holy, one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities that is dripping in history and spirituality and the only amalgamation of the human with the cosmos.

Kashi – a phenomenal yantra like never before or never after to create a magnificent human body which doesn’t have the inertia of carrying physicality with it, so that it will be on all the time and can download the whole process of the unification of micro and macro (the cosmos)

Kashi – a mechanism to go beyond all limitation. It is a mechanism that unite this micro mechanism(human) with the macro (the cosmos) and attain moksha(salvation)

Varanasi got its name because of two Rivers namely Varuna and Aasi flowing here.

The Mythical history

It is said by many monks and philosophers, that Kashi being the abode of shiva and also being the place of moksha(salvation) seems to be situated in Uttar Pradesh. But the invisible location for human’s tiny eyes, Kashi is not on the ground, it’s is on shiva’s trident (trishul) up there.

Because they created a physical structure which in turn generates into an energy structure and an energy structure cannot be on the ground. It is above, so because of this it is said – Kashi is not on the earth, it is above the earth.

The Geometric of Kashi (VARANASI)

The whole city has 72000 shrines, 12 Jyotirlingas, 8 kalbhairava temples located in 8 cardinal direction of Kashi Vishwanath Mandir. 3 main temples form the three temples on Siva’s trident’s tip- Aumkareshwara in the north, Vishweswara in the middle and Kedareshwara in the south. Besides 56 ganesha temples are situated in 56 concentric circles of these three temples. Besides 64 yogini temples, 12 sun temples, 9 temples of narv durga, 9 chandi temples and many others.

Apart from these, this place is considered to be one of the 51Shakthipiths (Kashi is the place where the Sati’s (i.e. Shiva’s wife) left arm fell after the body was cut into pieces by Sudarshana Chakra of Lord Vishnu) to bring Shiva back into conscious from the agony of the death of his wife.

  • Buddhism is said to have been founded in Varanasi as well. Buddha delivered his first sermon after enlightenment in the stupa called SARNATH in Varanasi
  • This city holds prominence as being the birthplace of at least four Jain Tirthankaras. They are Suparshvanath (7th), Chandraprabhu (8th), Shreyanshnath (11th) and Parshvanath (23rd).
  • Tulsi Das composed the evergreen Hanuman Chalisa and Ramcharitmanas in Kashi.
  • The guardian deity of Kashi is Kaal Bhairav.

Well, now let me take you to the actual Kashi(Varanasi) now.

A famous American writer, Mark Twain once pen down, “Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.”

As soon as you arrive in Varanasi you will be greeted by hustle and bustle, chaos, big dappled cows and buffaloes, colours and traffic, completely different from the notion that being such a spiritual city, it will be in silence, peace or a complete aura of a meditation ground.

The Connection of UNESCO

UNESCO declared Varanasi as the “City of Music”.  The city is also famous for its classical music that have many famous music maestros.

THE DELIGHT’s OF VARANASI that you shouldn’t miss

  • The Ganga Arti in the morning and in the evening is a vibe you shouldn’t skip in Assi Ghat. The arti has got some kind of invisible aura and odour that it seems like you have encountered Shiva in the banks of Ganga in those few minutes. A sunrise boat ride along the holy Ganges river– Taking a boat ride, bathe in a magical dewy glow and the chilled waves of the Ganges and encounter all the rituals of ‘life and death’ is one of the purest things you can feel in the banks of the Ganges.
  • Wandering along the Ghats– Walking and exploring the ghats will give you many lessons of spirituality and inner peace. The Ganga flowing beside will be your Spiritual partner while exploring. Assi ghat can be the best start. Dashashwamedh Ghat is another most popular ghat which is very busy and colourful place full of activities of rituals and taking dips into the Ganga for purification of the soul.
  • Witness a cremationat Manikarnika Ghat and Harishchandra Ghat. Witnessing a burning body can be difficult sight but to understand the teachings of Hindu culture and the ultimate truth of life and death, this is the place where you can find how a soul rises up to meet the cosmos.
  • A tour of boating on the waves of The Ganga through the 88 ghats, all stand for their own uniqueness. Among the most vibrant and worth noting are – Dashashwamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Raj Ghat, Tulsi Ghat, Ahilyabai Ghat, Harish Chandra Ghat and Assi Ghat.
  • A tour around the largest residential university in Asia, Banaras Hindu University.
  • The Kashi Vishwanath Temple (one of the 12 jotir lingas)
  • Ramnagar Fort and Museum.
  • See Silk being spun- The land of Varanasi is filled with numerous factories where silk is spun and beautiful scarves, bedspreads and rugs are made. It has an immense popularity for its handicrafts at its best.
  • The Chat Bhandars and the Sweet Bhandars.
  • Sarnath – The Dhamek Stupa
  • The Banarasi Silk Sarees
  • The Banarsi Paan

Best Time to visit Varanasi 

October to March

The Speciality of November: in the month of November, you can experience the festival of Dev Deepavali – the Diwali of the Gods or Festival of Lights of the Gods.

Top most Places to experience food

  1. For Chat in Varieties such as pani puri, tamatar chat, matar chat, papri chat, dahi Bhalla, muska bun and others amazing mouthwatering dishes – Kashi Chat Bhandar
  2. For South Indian Food – Kerela Café
  3. For Dal Bati Choukha – Potli
  4. For delicious non-veg food – Hotel Kalika, Amanekhas
  5. For desert – Blue Lassi Shop and Kheer Sagar
  6. For banarsi Paan – Ramchandra Chaurasia Tambul Bhandar

Top Destinations to visit

  1. Kashi Vishwanath Temple
  2. Assi Ghat, Dashashwamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Harish Chandra Ghat, Tulsi Ghat
  3. Banaras Hindu University
  4. Sarnath- The Dhamek Stupa
  5. Sankat Mouchan Mandir
  6. Shri Durga Mandir or The Monkey Temple
  7. Ramnagar Fort
  8. Kalbhairav Mandir
  9. Mukti Bhavan or moksha Bhavan or House of Salvation (a lodge for salvation seekers)

Top Hotels you can comfortably make your check ins

To get a perfect spiritual morning and experience the sunrise and Ganga Arti right from your window, a few hotels that you can check in –

However, it’s a bit costly because of the environment you will experience both in the morning and in the evening.

  1. Amritara Suryauday Haveli
  2. Palace on Ganges
  3. Hotel Rivera Palace
  4. Brijrama Palace
  5. Hotel Ganges

Other Amazing Hotels:

  1. Hotel Heritage
  2. Hotel India
  3. Raddison
  4. Taj
  5. Ramada
  6. Madin

Varanasi also have a long chain of many hostels and zostels for the bagpakers with amazing aura and in a very affordable price including Breakfast-

  1. Zostel, Varanasi
  2. HostelLa Vie
  3. Moustache Hostel

Shopping in Varanasi is another activity you can explore in the city with its very vibrant unique silk works and chikan works especially – Banarsi silk sarees, Chikan kurtis, Chikan men kurtas, many handicrafts etc

The markets will tend to have rush as the market have numerous narrow channels. Shopaholics shouldn’t miss to visit these Markets:

1. Thatheri Bazaar

What to buy: Brass product, antiques, copper products, and religious artifacts.

2. Vishwanath Lane

What to buy: Designer bangles, wooden toys, and décor items and dupattas.

3. Gowdolia Market

What to buy: clothing items and décor items(especially lucknow chikan clothings

4. Lahurabir

What to buy: Clothing, house décor items, home appliances, and jewelry

5. Chowk and Urban Hatt

What to buy: Handloom products

6. Nayi Sadak

What to buy: miscellaneous

Movies that you should watch before your trip to Varanasi:

  • Masaan
  • Raanjhanaa
  • Chokher Bali
  • Water
  • Jay Baba Felunath

What we Offer?

We, Inbound Tours keeping in mind this magnificent structure of Kashi (Varanasi) together with its spiritual teachings and facilities that you ask for will provide accordingly.

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Kashi will explore you all over while you explore Kashi.

Untill you explore her, you will be already sucked up in the vibrant vibe of the city and if you tend to go deep into its tender teachings of spirituality, you will ultimately find yourself in the echoes of ‘OM’.

Are you in a labyrinth? Varanasi vibe will make you come out as a different man with the touch of the bless of the cosmos. You will find yourself nearer to the ultimate Truth.

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